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Most WordPress anti spam tools amount to garbage, both built in to WordPress, and third party plugins. The built in tools are mediocre, and at best force you to babysit new comments and registrations.

On the other hand, third party plugins are all over the map. Many make your real, interested readers jump through hoops to sign up and/or post comments on your site, assuming they are that patient.

Others simply don’t work anymore, and you are left reacting to spam invasions. Things shouldn’t be this way, and there’s a reason those plugins don’t work: they’re built on the wrong idea.

Spam must be defended against, right? Wrong. Spam hurts the invaluable image of your business site and saps your time – and your anti spam must violently fight to destroy the Spammers, not defend against them.

You are the aggressor

If you don’t take the initiative, Spammers will walk over you. That’s why Spam Hammer is the best wordpress spam blocker: it takes the fight to spammers, instead of waiting for them to bring the fight to you.

There were many others in a situation similar to yours, who chose to try a tool that fights back. See what other business owners and professionals that tried Spam Hammer say, on the upper right side, or the bottom if you’re on a mobile device.

Flip The Script, Be The Aggressor

Spammers have things to protect as well – things they consider precious and valuable. If you hit them where it hurts, Spammers run in the other direction and look for their next target.

What is precious to Spammers? To know this, you must know that the spam they put out isn’t sent directly by them; it’s sent through a service they pay for, and expect to get a ROI from.

Spammers spend money trying to crack your anti spam, and if that fails, they hire a person to rush and manually spam you. If even that fails, the Spammer spent that money – for nothing.

Their Options: Leave or Lose $

If it happens once or twice, the Spammer only loses a few cents. But, if they continue to fail, the costs become significant. It’s like your site is surrounded by a spiked shield. They then scratch off your site.

When the administrators of the spamming services notice this pattern, they attempt to reverse engineer the anti spam. When they can’t, as with Spam Hammer, they lose customers and email us nasty words ;)

Spam Hammer has several ways to fight for you hands-free, and the most powerful among these are 1. Block them by country and/or continent 2. We waste their time and 3. Immunity to reverse engineering.

1. Block Them By Country and/or Continent

Most spam is made on computers outside the home country of your site. Some countries are notorious for their government’s legal protection and harboring of big spam services.

If you run a local business in the USA, why would you accept comments from computers in Ukraine? There is no reason, and by blocking them, you block all spammers from that country automatically.

Spam Hammer Geo Blocking

Spam Hammer provides both country and continent blocking. This is especially aggressive against spam services – they can’t just pack up and go to another country, and are helpless against this.

By default, popular spamming countries are blocked, but you can change these at any time to fit your specific business needs and geographical preferences.

2. We Waste Their Time

Spammers enjoy the luxury of being able to press a button and blast your site with spam within a fraction of a second; over the next few seconds their spam program blasts hundreds of other sites.

What if you took away that luxury and made everyone wait at least 15 seconds before they can try to post a comment to spam your blog? What if real readers weren’t bothered by it, only Spammers?

Spam Hammer adds this feature to your site. By the time real readers finish loading and reading your page or post, and scroll down to write a comment, way more than 15 seconds have gone by.

Comment TimerRegistration Timer

Spammers ignore the required 15 seconds, try to jam in a comment way before the timer is up, and make it super easy to catch them – all without touching a single legitimate reader.

This causes Spammers to run around like chickens with their heads cut off, trying to figure out why their spam isn’t going through after multiple attempts when there is no captcha on the page.

The optimal timer is 15 seconds long and this is something that generally doesn’t have to be adjusted; though, you do have the option to raise or lower this to what suits your specific needs at that time.

3. Immunity to Reverse Engineering

Imagine your past anti spam solution as a padlock to your house, a Spammer sees your house, and tries to break in. The only thing between the inside of your house and the Spammer is that padlock outside the door.

The spammer, having experience with padlocks, easily picks it, throws the padlock on the ground, and gets inside. This is how most anti spam solutions try to protect your “house” or WordPress site ––

– they use a padlock, which has to be on the outside. That approach is fundamentally broken, no matter how many spins those plugin coders put on it, and the end result is an impotent anti spam.


Instead, Spam Hammer is a deadbolt on your door, which can only be opened from the inside. The Spammer is helpless to do anything, and can never see the inside of your house and disturb your guests.

Spam Hammer is an anti spam service, meaning the WordPress plugin is an interface to use the remotely hosted protection service on your WordPress site. It’s inner workings are therefore hidden from Spammers.

You Never Have To Fight Spam Again

Spam Hammer fights for you. Never again will your real readers’ comments be recognized as spam, leaving them wondering if the content they took the time to write on your site even reached the other end.

Never again will they contact you and ask you “why”. Never again will readers lose the pleasure of commenting on your site and spread the word about your site having problems.

Never again will you get hundreds of emails about spam comments in your queue, awaiting you to pick out the one or two comments that are real and mass deleting the rest, over and over.

No More Comment Spam

Never again will already registered, legitimate readers, including administrators, be blocked from posting after it’s stupidly clear they are not spammers.

Never again will you run an impotent anti spam solution with endless confusing settings or setup that requires technical skills that aren’t in your reach as a busy professional.

Try It Risk-Free

The testimonials are there because this is a professional service. I’m extending a week of Free, completely unlocked usage and support of the plugin to professionals and businesses. There is zero risk for you.

There Is Zero Risk

6 thoughts on “You Never Have To Fight Spam Again

    • January 10, 2014 at 9:25 pm

      Yes, to the end-user it’s simple and this is deliberate;

      You’d be surprised to know that under the hood, there are many protection layers much more powerful than the countdown lock, but they are invisible to the naked eye :)

  • January 15, 2014 at 1:17 pm

    We tried Spamhammer at The Pets Forums in April of 2013. Our spam registrations immediately dropped from up to a hundred per day down to exactly none and we have remained spam free since then. It is the singular most effective plugin for the cost and saves our moderators many hours of wasted time. Steven sends out regular email updates about threats, changes, and upgrades – but now that spamhammer is in the cloud it pretty much updates itself. Isn’t that correct? Many thanks for the excellent product.
    Jesse Francis,

  • January 21, 2014 at 5:19 am

    I just placed my order for Spam Hammer and received confirmation from ***
    I downloaded folder, but I don’t see any instructions on installation for Mac.

    Please advise.

    • January 21, 2014 at 10:53 am

      Hello Mark,

      I see you placed your order for Spam Hammer and didn’t receive Mac instructions — this is because the installation instructions are the same for Mac as it is for Windows. If you were already running the trial, you don’t need to do/install anything else as your license key is already extended/provisioned for your order. :)


  • January 23, 2014 at 12:53 pm


    I have premium Spamhammer for a few weeks now and i only have to say that it work great.

    Good job!


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